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MEDIA INFORMATIONThank you for your interest in learning more about Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, its programs and the clients we serve.The executive staff and attorneys at Legal Services of the Hudson Valley are available to provide information and comments to the media on topics related to our service areas including:
  • Civil legal services: How they impact the local economy
  • Legal Remedies to Domestic Violence
  • Tenants’ Rights and Landlord Responsibilities
  • Legal and financial issues for senior citizens, including mortgage and debt management
  • Elder abuse
  • Special education law
  • Legal issues related to health problems
  • Advanced directives and Medicaid issues
  • The Rights of the Disabled
  • Social Security, SSI eligibility, and issues related to returning to work
  • Career information on civil legal aid work (for students)
If you are a member of the press and find you have additional questions or would like an official statement from a staff person, please contact:Chief Development Officer, Maureen Fox at 914-949-1305, ext. 160 or mfox@lshv.org
Press Kit: Click here to download our January 2020 press kit. As our materials change throughout the year, please contact our staff for the most up-to-date information.